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This week's Consignment auction at Dale Wilch's Man Cave closes January 21st.

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Closing Monday
01/21/2019 08:30 pm CDT


Auction Location: 1501 West 31st Suite #342 in the Down Town Underground Caves, Kansas City, MO 64108 / Phone: 913-219-3960

Automotive, Antiques, Tools & Equipment, Apparel , Miscellaneous Stuff , Household Products

As always a big menagerie of stuff in this weeks Consignment Sale auction!

Including automotive and shop items, tools, household, rare and common stuff in this auction.  If you're bidding on the good stuff, why not pick up a few of these 99 cent bargains when you come for the other pieces!

All lots are on display and available for preview any Wednesday night from 6-9PM at Dale Wilch's Man Cave in the DownTown Underground at 1501 W 31st.  KCMO. 

Any questions, please call Dale @ 913-219-3960 any weekday.

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Current Bid: $1.49
Next Required Bid: $1.99

High Bidder: # 10081
Scheduled Close
08:52 pm CDT

New in the box is this Racing Fram HP Series Oil Filter HP4 for most Chevy spin on oil filter applications

Current Bid: $1.49
Next Required Bid: $1.99

High Bidder: # 10081
Scheduled Close
08:53 pm CDT

New! Chrome aluminum serviceable (replaceable filter element) performance inline fuel gas filter for the 3/8” OD hose and includes the "Quick" clamps

Current Bid: $0.99
Next Required Bid: $1.49

High Bidder: # 10057
Scheduled Close
08:55 pm CDT

Box of 12 new cards of Peterson V604 2 inch Stick-On 2X2” Wedge Blind Spot stick on rear view Mirrors

Current Bid: $2.03
Next Required Bid: $2.53

High Bidder: # 10065
Scheduled Close
08:55 pm CDT

The story I got was this was an update on a Husqvarna tractor or maybe the hoses and fitting required to add an attachment. Regardless this is a huge quantity of high quality hoses and steel straight thread fittings. This kit includes 4 of these finished high pressure (3000 PSI) hoses completed with the hose ends professionally installed. The hose ends are professionally crimped and ready for service. This is the ½ ID hose and has the #8 hose ends. Also included are
3 different #6AN finished hoses shown in the photos. These are most likely return (low pressure) rubber hoses and again the fixed ends are already crimped and ready for service. Here’s a quick list of the fittings included in the
• 5 of the 90 degree #6 male and #6 O ring sealed fitting
• 4 of the straight #8 male to #10 O ring sealed coupler fitting
• 4 of the straight #8 male to #8 O ring sealed coupler fitting
• 1 of the straight #6 male to #6 O ring sealed coupler fitting Save some big
bucks over buying from a wholesaler if you’re in the hydraulics business or
repair of equipment that uses these fittings or finished hoses.

Always a fun time at Dale Wilch's Man Cave swap meet and flea market sale every Wednesday night. 20 plus vendors buying, selling and trading stuff. If there's something in this auction you want to take a better look at before you bid, come down this Wednesday night and check it out.  Call or text Dale at 913-219-3960 any weekday for information


Wed, Jan 16, 2019 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Auction Closing:

Mon, Jan 21, 2019 08:30 pm


Wed, Jan 23, 2019 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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1501 West 31st Suite #342 in the Down Town Underground Caves
Dale Wilch's Man Cave Wednesday Night Flea Market and Swap Meet
Kansas City
MO, 64108


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No problem in shipping or mailing your won (items) lots.  We will pack and ship Worldwide at the additional cost any lots (items) that will fit the USPS or UPS package requirements.  For an estimate of the costs call Dale any weekday at (913) 219-3960 or email dale@maximumbids.com