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Address: 2217 N 99th St, Kansas City, KS 66109 / Phone: 913-219-3960
Categories: Automotive, Antiques, Apparel , Miscellaneous Stuff  188 Items
Closing Monday
11/26/2018 08:00 pm CST
6d 9h 48m


Pick Up is on 99th St in Kansas City, Kansas

As always a big menagerie of stuff in this weeks auction!

Including automotive and shop items, tools, household, rare and common stuff in this auction.  If you're bidding on the good stuff, why not pick up a few of these 99 cent bargains when you come for the other pieces!

No set preview day.  If you want to come by and take a look at something specific, need a measurement or have any questions, please call 913-219-3960 any weekday to make an appointment.

I will take the small stuff to the Man Cave the evening of the pick up if you can't make it to my house.  Please email, or text/ call to 913-219-3960

Address: 1501 West 31st Suite #342 in the Down Town Underground Caves, Kansas City, MO 64108 / Phone: 913-219-3960
Categories: Automotive, Tools & Equipment, Miscellaneous Stuff  18 Items
Closing Wednesday
01/09/2019 07:30 pm CST
7w 1d


New lots added to this auction until Christmas!  Check back often, get registered and start bidding. 

Definitely thinning the herd of stuff at Dale Wilchs’ Man Cave.  Auction will close January 9th.  With several days after to pick up your won lots.  If you’ve got some consignment stuff you want to be part of this auction, call or text me at 913-219-3960 and I’ll get it pictured and listed before New Year’s so our potential bidders have enough time and a couple of Wednesday nights to come take a look before they bid.  The Wednesday Night of January 2nd will be our Cash4U2Day Live but Silent auction at the Cave and that always brings a great bunch of strong bidders in for it.

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